A golf simulator consists of a few golf tech items


1. Launch Monitor

The main engine of a golf simulator is a machine called a launch monitor. A launch monitor is a fantastic piece of golfing technology, which in our case is a Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor. This device records the launch movements of a projectile at 10,000 fps (frames per second). In a golf simulation scenario, the projectile object is the golf ball. Click the link to find out more details on how launch monitors work.

2. Virtual golf software

While the projectile (a golf ball) is being projected (hit by the golf club) the movements of the golf ball are recorded, that information is instantly relayed to the virtual golf software. The virtual golf software then turns that information into a visual aid for the golfer to see once it has been projected onto a viewing screen. The ball data can also be sent via Bluetooth or WiFi to a tablet or iPad for processing by a special app ready to send your customer. We use a special mix of several virtual golf softwares to provide an all-around virtual golf experience.

3. Software projection

The image created by the virtual software is projected onto an impact screen (hitting net) that is designed to take the impact of the ball you’ve hit. When all of these factors are added together it all amounts to a realistic simulation of what the golf ball would have done if it was not stopped by the impact screen.

4. The accuracy of the golf simulator

We use the best launch monitors and software available on today’s golf market to give our clients the most accurate, up-to-date and real-life visual experience possible.

The Foresight Sports launch monitor engines used by Kaddie Sports are accurate to 1ft over 100 yards or 1 yard over 300 yards. So for every 300 yards, the golf ball is hit the data provided is accurate to within 1 yard of its true distance. This is why you can be sure the data you get, when hiring a golf simulator from Kaddie Sports, is pinpoint perfect.

No wonder Ricky Fowler and Bryson DeChambeau use the same company’s technology to practice with, and fine tune there games on a daily basis!

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