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Select one of our membership plans to suit your needs. Do it yourself or let us manage it for you. Either way, Don’t miss out!
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Set up your store

Once registered, use the setup wizard to open your own My Kaddie store in under 5 minutes. It’s really simple.
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Add products

You have complete control over the products you sell, Set your hours, rates & prices. Teach or sell products as little or as often as you like.


High Handicap

Managed Marketing Account

£ 9999
  • We'll be your Kaddie. Let us carry your bag and take the weight off your shoulders. We'll manage your account and get sales coming in.
  • Monthly Management fee with 0% commission.
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Free Account
Scratch Plan

Free D.I.Y Account

  • Scratch Plan. Set up & run your very own online pro-shop on our platform. We'll provide you with all the tools needed, Use our 2min set up wizard to get going.
  • 0% Kaddie's fee on your sales.
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One-Time Fee
Mid Handicap

Ready to use Online Pro Shop

  • We'll be your Kaddie for a round. Let us set it all up for you, then be on your way. One time pro shop set up cost.
  • Set up charge + 0% Kaddie's fee on shop sales.
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Pro Features

  • Sell Products
  • Online Booking System
  • Agenda Calendar
  • Stripe Connect
  • Build a Network
  • Offer Discounts
  • Make sales 24-7

Vendor Features

  • Rent Your Venue
  • Sell Event Tickets
  • Rent Simulators
  • Supply Events
  • Promote Events
  • Offer Discounts
  • Maximize Revenue
  • POS System

Why Choose Us?

Sell golf services onlineJoin the UK’s fastest-growing community of golf service providers and start to sell your golf services online today.

Access thousands of clients waiting to find a service near you, golf simulators, PGA coaches, club fitters, kids clubs, events suppliers… anything! Whether you are new to coaching or an established PGA professional, a new indoor golf venue, or a well-known brand, we’ll help you find new clients. Simply FILL OUT THE FORM to GET STARTED!

Grow your golf business, quickly and simply.

It’s completely free to have a profile and gain access to thousands of potential customers who are actively seeking golf services near you. Our commission-free system allows all our vendors to keep 100% of their sales. We use Stripe Connect for customer payments which allows you to get paid directly to your bank account too.

If you want us to set it all up for you you can upgrade your account at any time. However, for now, you can simply fill in the registration form below for a lifetime free account to get going! It only takes 2 seconds.

Don’t have the time? No problemo! Once you’ve registered below use the settings panel to upgrade to a Managed account and we run your store for you! We will market your business and get you more leads, bookings, or sales heading your way.

Fancy a bit of D.I.Y? REGISTER NOW it’s free for life, then have fun getting your business listed.

IT’S SO EASY…  If you have the ability to set up a social media account you’ll be able to set up a My Kaddie Webstore.

Golf Pro Features

  • Set Your Hours
  • Confirmation Emails
  • Find New Students
  • Free Advertising
  • Free Account
  • Create Coupons
  • Keep Customer Data

Vendor Features

  • Get Paid Direct
  • Increase Sales
  • Get Followers
  • Featured Listings
  • Find Customers
  • Cross Network
  • Assign Staff


We know that golf is more than “Just a game”. For anyone working in the industry, it’s life, and if we’re all honest, we all want a little bit more out of it. Let us be your Kaddie and take the weight off your shoulders, We would love to carry your bag! REGISTER BELOW to find out how simple My Kaddie is, start receiving more booking, sales, and customers instantLY. WHY NOT? IT’S FREE!

Scratch accounts can start smashing one down the fairway USING OR SIMPLE online editor. Mid HCP accounts can opt for us to set it up for them, then just take the shot. While High HCP editors should go for the managed option in which we will take care of the whole process for you. All you need to do is take the bookings as they come in.

Whichever package you choose, don’t worry, we are always here to help. Just remember like Bill always used to say “We all need somebody to lean on”. We will see you soon!

Golf Pro Features

  • Improve Your SEO
  • Generate More Leads
  • Upload Articals
  • Grow Your Social Media
  • Sell More Products
  • Create Customer Database
  • Add Existing Customers

Vendor Features

  • Improve Your SEO
  • Generate More Leads
  • Upload Articles
  • Grow Your Social Media
  • Sell More Products
  • Create Customer Database
  • Add Existing Customers