WLMGolf Wille McKenzie

WLMGolf Wille McKenzie

£25 /Per Lesson

At WLMgolf my aim is to make learning as simple as possible and use as much of your current swing as I can so it is easier to make the required changes in order to start improving your golf skills.

No 2 golfers are identical so I do not use a one swing method fits all we are all different and I treat each golfer as individuals and work with each golfer to help them understand what needs working on in their swing to start improving and take your game to the next level.

All good swings require a good solid set up so based on this the first thing I do in each lesson is to check the set up looking for a good grip ball position, good posture and balance to suit the individual in front of me.

Fraserburgh, AB43 9NX

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