GOLF BALL FINDER GLASSES review. It’s Brass Monkeys Out here!

Golf Ball Finder Glasses. An independent unsponsored review by Karl Brooks (Hans Solo) lol, Matt Cousens & Craig Hawkes.

Do they live up to what they say?

We put these widely available golf ball finder glasses to the test in the ultimate conditions. A frozen driving range with varied coloured golf balls all covered in mud and frozen over while being plugged.

” Yer, I’m really looking forward to getting out for a ball collection today.”

We’ve have been a lot of ideas flying around to help improve our ball collection workflow at Bushey Driving Range during the wet and winter conditions this year. So, we decided to test out the blue golf ball finder glasses to see if they really work.

Golf ball collection job, a golf ball picker-upper, why?

Using a tractor and ball hopper is a great way to pick up thousands of golf balls when conditions are dry enough to get it out. However, this year has been one of the wettest but warmest winters we have seen for a decade. This means the ground is very soft but the grass is still growing.

What we end up with is long grass and soft soil and 90% off the balls being hit out onto the range plugging. This causes a problem – not only for us, but for golf ranges across the UK. The reason being, if those plugged balls are not picked out, the continually growing grass will soon cover them and the plugged golf balls will be lost underground for good.

For this reason, it is imperative the balls are picked up. The only way to do that is by hand with a golf ball picker-upper (shag bag). This can be a tediously boring job and anything to speed up or improve the way this job is completed is a key variable in a range’s workflow. That’s why we gave the golf ball glasses a go.

Do golf ball finder glasses work?

Our test results from the pair we purchased using the link below have given us impressive results for white golf balls. We did find that yellow golf balls did not glow/stand out from the darkened background as well as the white ones.

White and yellow golf ball result. Can you see both?


This is not a paid sponsorship. We purchased these golf ball finding glasses from amazon with our own money as we were looking for a way to improve our workflow for collecting golf balls by hand during the winter at Bushey Driving Range. The link to the product is below. Price £14.99

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