Feel Familiar?Playing like a clown?

We all have have those days where we feel as if we have just played like a clown. Have no fear Kaddie Golf is here. You can now find a directory of PGA coaches who can offer indoor golf lesson using the latest and greatest launch monitor technology.

Launch monitors are designed to give you instant feed back on your swing and shots. Gone are the days of spending hours down the range trying to figure out what happened with that last shot. You can receive ball and club data about every shot before the ball has even hit the ground. Click the link below to find a coach near you you or continue reading for more information. Good Luck.

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Train with a Jedi MasterWARS NOT MAKE ONE GREAT

When you start to train with a PGA Coach using the latest technology, you will be able to access powers you always knew you had. You will soon be able to feel the numbers and trust the fight. For instance, carry numbers are an essential data set to have engrained in your mind, so when your yardage says 88 yards to the pin but only looks 50 you can be sure trust your swing and commit to the shot without feeling it from sight.

your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them

I’ve used all launch monitors before. The head unit HMT is what made me really prick my ears up. I love the camera based technology, I’m working with them every day. The fact that you’re seeing a position that I’m always working back from, which is strike, is crucial. Students can hit a shot and I can instantly give them feed back on how to change it.
Mark Crossfield, PGA Coach, YouTuber -Foresight Talks


Release your inner Jedi and take a trip to Dagobah.
Train with the masters to become the best.

“Much to learn you still have…my old Padawan.”
“Your focus determines your reality.”

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Reclaim your lightsaber and get fitted by masters during your time on Ahch-To.
Become one with your equipment before attacking the first order.

“That Lightsaber was Lukes and his fathers before that…
And now it calls to you.”

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