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Kaddie Golf strongly believes children learn best when having fun (adults too), so we are listing a directory of fun and interactive places, classes and games which will help your child develop gross motor skills while picking up the basics of a game that many adults make complicated. Lego men, destruction golf, & zombies. You couldn’t get much further outside the box!

It sounds funny, but zombie golf really does help to feel distance control, it makes you feel it fast tooMy kids had a great time playing the crazy golf game at their party. The fact the prices were low, and they can do it while its raining outside was great. I would recommend it in a heartbeat! Take advantage of our great listing today!

[curly_services_list el_class=”text-uppercase”][curly_services_list_item title=”Blocks Mini Golf”][curly_services_list_item title=”Zombie Golf” description=”blow up zombies for points”][curly_services_list_item title=”Putt Skee” description=”Hole Putts for points”][curly_services_list_item title=”Demolition Golf” description=”Smash windows for points”][/curly_services_list]


Search our database of child friendly venues and spend valuable time with the ones you love. family fun is just around the corner. Literally!

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